Naruto 663 Manga – Juubi’s Final Form

The translated summary and the scanned pictures from the naruto 663 manga scans will be posted here soon.
Watch out for the naruto manga 663 chapter. I will be sharing you guys the upcoming naruto 663 Spoilers.

Kishimoto should keep this up, last week chapter, I wasn’t sold. I didn’t think it was a master piece like most people. Because Kishi has a tendency of doing something cool then disappoint us right away like when Team 7 reunion in the war, or the hokages resurrection. So I viewed Sasuke’s apparent lethal strike with suspicion. But this chapter makes last chapter look good, and I think this chapter is better than last chapter. The tension is there and the risk is there. I am tired of all the protections Naruto is giving to fodders so this is very refreshing. And it nice to see the Third again. I really hope he got a chance to shine. The first, second, and fourth had done a lot already. I just want to see the Third kick ass. (Always a fan of bad ass old guys).

naruto 663 manga

naruto 663 manga

Kishi should not have show everything happening at this stage. Beside consider what happened the last few chapters. There was just no room to add it in. It would take away from Gaara, Naruto, Sasuke’s development. hmm, I still hate that red hair girl (don’t even bother to remember her name). It was quite a big interval from last good chapter; but that’s one great chapter. i really liked this chapter. there was not much fight in this chapter, but it showed little of others and also climax with Naruto and Sasuke. Onooki cracked me up, we have to leave madara to that naruto kid!!, what the hell you 5 kages can do?, you all got you asses kicked by edo madara and now that madara got full power these 5 kages don’t stand a chances, they got killed once if it wasn’t for tsunade.

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