Naruto 654 Spoiler – Hokage and a Hero

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If I understood your question correctly, then it also can be phrased as: Can one person be both a Hokage and a Hero? Minato shows that he can, but one can argue: had Minato lived a long enough life, would all his actions continue to be noble as they were? What to do when the tough choices need to be made?

A clear example would be what happened to the Uchihas. A lot of readers try to justify Hiruzen by his ignorance of the action, and the Council by the necessity of such an action. They also justify and praise Itachi for doing it and bearing the unbearable – but I still condemn this act, and I cannot justify its actors. I think what makes people accept the act of massacre as a necessity is the need to see the world dually: in terms of good vs. evil. This dual principle is so entrenched in the Western philosophy that we sometimes even fail to notice it; it is just that natural to us. And it is what, I believe, lead you to oppose the idea of a Hero to the idea of a Hokage, and me to accept such a juxtaposition. On the other hand, the Eastern philosophy leans towards one unifying principle: that every good has its evil, and every evil has its good.

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